I Can Has…

…bizniz cards?

I went speed-dating last night. The UK UPA in London arranged a careers event at Thomson Reuters, which meant that I – after having lived here for 4 years – finally got to see Canary Wharf. It was every bit as glassy and towery as I’d imagined it would be.

When booking my ticket, I’d signed up for speed-dating different UX/usability companies, which meant for 5 minutes with each employer, I blabbered about myself. Well, actually, a lot of the time I got them to blabber about themselves, which was quite fun and interesting too. Some of the companies there were LBi, Foolproof, Songkick and EMC. I love the UPA and their events, and this was no exception: if I’m still unemployed this time next year (knock wood), I’ll definitely attend this again (or just go for the sake of catching up with UCLIC people).

There was lots of mingling as well, and it was – as always – lovely to have a good chat with clever people, all passionate about good UX and interaction design. And I got a chance to hand out my cards that came in the mail a few days ago. Cue American Psycho scene.

No really, it was tons of fun; this post is just so dreadfully boring because I’m absolutely shattered from days and days filled with research project, chasing participants, transcribing recordings, and going for job interviews. 

Also, got my marks for all my taught modules yesterday. Very happy indeed.


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