The sound of Autumn 2011, part II

Here is the rest of the stuff that will wear my iPod down this term.

Explosions in the Sky

One late January night, I will be experiencing the hopefully trippy experience (with or without alcohol) that is Explosions in the Sky live. This instrumental band makes my ears tingle and my eyes tear up. To me, they are the perfect example of how words are not at all necessary to convey emotions. If you have not listened to them before, do me a big favour and have a go. It is the type of music that takes me as close to a spiritual experience I can get, as the die-hard atheist that I am.

Bands I am regretfully not seeing live in the foreseeable future, but which nevertheless will be heavily played for the next few months as I just cleaned up my iPod:

The National

To me, there is no sexier thing than post-punk revival with baritone vocals. It is therefore no surprise that Interpol is one of my favourite bands. In recent months, I have delved deeper into The National, which are quite similar to Interpol, albeit slightly lighter in tone. As their earlier work is a bit too country music to me (not to say I strongly dislike alternative country, Band of Horses are quite amazing), thus I am mostly listening to their latest 3 albums: Alligator, Boxer, and High Violet. It is so refreshing to find a band that develops to the better, and not to the worse, for each record they produce.

Caravan Palace

French electroswing with jazz inclinations. There is nothing more to say.


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